Sarah Turner Eco Art & Design

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question then please just give us a shout:


Where do you collect all the rubbish from?

Lovely people collect their rubbish and donate it to me, mostly homes and businesses in the Nottingham area. If you have a lot of cans, bottles, circuit boards or anything you think would be fun to upcycle then please contact us.

Can I send you cans for you to make me a picture?

Yes you certainly can, customers actually ask for this a lot. It’s a great way to remember a big birthday party, a trip abroad or just have a picture made using your favourite drink. You can either send us the cans in the post, or drop them off to us if you are local to Nottingham. They just need to be in good condition, i.e. uncrushed. Alternatively we have a vast collection of cans, feel free to make a request and we will see if we have the can you would like. These specially made pictures are made at no extra cost.

Can I have a picture, a light or flowers in a different colour or style listed?

Yes just let us know your request and this can be made at no extra cost.

Where can I see your work in real life?

Check out the events page for news of where work will be exhibited/available for sale. Also the stockists page.